The Mahratta Education Fund founded in the year 1912. In the year 1913, there were 129 members and 3 scholarship holders. Now there are 400 Patrons and more than 1006 Life Members, 150 Scholarships have been awarded this year. The assets of the fund have increased from Rs.537/- to several folds. The main reason for the increase in the number of scholarships is because of the increase in the number of endowments made by philanthropic members, to perpetuate the memory of their elders. The endowments are kept intact as fixed deposits and the interest earned is distributed as scholarships. Further, the Fund has a building of its own due to the efforts and far sightedness of the founder Shri. E. Vinayaka Rao and past office bearers. The building was constructed in the year 1938. Subsequently, various improvements have been made;  additional blocks have been constructed from time to time. In the 2006 a major renovation was carried out. The present building has Function Hall with a seating capacity of about 250 in Ground Floor. First Floor dining hall with a seating capacity of about 90-100.  There are 7 Rooms with attached toilets, fitted with Geysers. Some of the rooms are fitted with AC. Now our MEF premises is one of the reasonably priced, centrally located with ample parking facility venue. We are happy to inform that the occupation rate is high and earning good returns.

This was possible only because of the co-operation and financial assistance rendered by way of interest free loans etc., by members. The MEF will be in a position to clear all the loans in a year or two. This phenomenal growth is to a large extent due to the strong foundation laid by the founders and untiring and selfless services of the successive office bearers of the Fund. An additional facility offered to the students of the community residing in Chennai, is the starting of a Book Bank in 1979, with books and reference material in Science, commerce, engineering and Medicine.